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Floral Hall Rental

The floral hall features a full kitchen, bathroom facilities, 8 ft tables and chairs, plenty of electric, multiple entrances and a large overhead door in the rear to meet your needs



Rental per day:       $200

Three Day Rental:   $200 per day with $50 off ($550 total)

Wedding Rental:      $600 Wednesday – Sunday


  • You’ll pick up the key from Tumble Time Cheer and Fitness (109 West Robinson in Carmi) the day before and return to Tumble Time the next day or following Monday between 2:30pm – 7:30pm.


  • A 50% deposit, non-refundable, is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due when key is picked up.  The deposit will go toward the remaining balance owed.  Checks need to be made out to White County Ag.


  • An additional $250 cleaning fee is due at booking and will be refunded when building has been checked and key returned.


  • Kitchenette includes counter space, fridge, and stove.


  • You should bring toilet paper, paper towels, and large trash bags.


Clean up should include:


-Table and chairs returned to back corner of facility

-Ensure all trash is taken out, including bathrooms, before you leave

-Kitchen area and bathrooms should be in the same shape they were found in

-Floor swept (There are push mops in electrical room, left of kitchen window)

-Return the thermostat to appropriate setting

-Turn the lights off and lock the door behind you


  • You must provide insurance and list White County Agricultural Society as additional insured.


  • If alcohol is consumed on the premises, the lessee will provide a policy for alcohol.


  • If there are any issues with the facility once you are finished, please let us know when you return the key so issue can be fixed in a timely manner.








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